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Jun 21, 2018

Summer Simplicity and QALS

Show notes can be found here where you can see the quilt alongs and some of the things I talk about in the show!


Jun 14, 2018

What is your Superpower?

Show notes can be found here! I talk about what a superpower is and how to get it!


Jun 7, 2018

Our Creative Souls Update!

Show notes with photos can be found here!


Jun 1, 2018

My Oldest UFO is almost done!

You can find the show notes and pictures about my oldest UFO and all the things talked about in this podcast here


May 25, 2018

Our Creative Souls Gardens, Upcycling and a fail!

Show notes can be found here and we have photos of the fail and a peek at the gardens. 


May 15, 2018


Show notes can be found here! I am talking about incorporating simplicity in my life and quilting my City Sampler. 


May 8, 2018

Our Creative Souls edition ep. 1 intro

Show notes can be found here! This is an episode where I talk abou the Our Creative Souls portion of life where my sister and I are crafting all the things! 


May 2, 2018


This show I talk about all the swirls I made and you can see how I quilt them here at show notes. I also talk about gardening dreams, taking care of my bum hip and an improv challenge. 


Apr 16, 2018

Why is creativity good for us and a Giveaway!

Show notes can be found Here!

You will need to go to show notes for all the information about the Giveaway!


Apr 2, 2018

April fools, updates and a giveaway!

Show notes can be found here!


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